Fostering Employee Productivity and Morale Through COVID-19

15 min Source: McKinsey USA podcast
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In this podcast, senior McKinsey Consulting executives discuss how leadership needs to adjust to cope with a post-COVID-19 world.


Tom Welchman from global consultancy firm McKinsey and company, explores the 'next normal' (the time following Covid-19) and explains how leadership must adapt to maintain productivity. The global change likely to have the most significant impact on Defence is the move towards remote working.

Leading remote workers means understanding the attitudes and stressors experienced by remote workers. Leaders need to understand the changing workplace and be proactive in ensuring productivity does not fall during the 'new normal'. Tom argues that sustaining empathy with personnel, creating teams of teams to respond to changing organisational structures and challenges, and focusing on communication is vital. Consider how your workplace has been managed during Covid-19. Also, think about how productivity can be maintained when some team members might be working from home.

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