A Guide to Collaborative Leadership

15 min Source: TED Talks
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The Defence Leadership Manual states that context should determine the appropriate leadership style to be used whereas some leadership commentators argue that a collaborative model of leadership is the most appropriate.


Are you a 'hero' or 'collaborative' leader? Lorna Davis is a self-professed leadership ambassador for B Corp a group of Australian and NZ companies committed to improving communities and the environment through positive culture and business practices.  Davis argues that many organisations usually adopt a 'hero' model - the leader is generally right and is followed by a devoted team. On the flip side she argues for her preferred model, 'collaborative' model of leadership - harder to execute as it requires us to be open, transparent and vulnerable. Davis discusses the differences. Of course, we all want to be liked as leaders, makes for a smoother ride. However, Defence Leadership Manual (Ed. 2) states that: 'Leadership is both highly personal and contextual and should be understood from this perspective'. That means you need to adapt your style. Share your thoughts on whether we need more 'heroes' or 'collaborative' leaders in the joint force, and why.