The Human Skills We Need for an Unpredictable World

15 min Source: Vudoo


Quests for efficiency may come at the expense of stifling the acquisition of more abstract cognitive skills.


The word efficient is embedded within our Commanders Intent, strategy and policy. We seem to be continuously involved with efficiency reviews. The intention of these reviews is to produce real savings for Defence, but do we always get this right? Writer and entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan challenges us to think carefully about efficiency, and to consider those who are committed to a scientific management style utilising technology to achieve efficiencies. She asserts that the more we rely on technology to make us efficient, the fewer skills we have to confront the unexpected. Heffernan claims we need to rely less on technology and more on immeasurable human skills such as imagination, humility, and bravery to solve problems in an unpredictable age. Is there a balance to be struck between scientific management principles and human innovation?