If You Want to Change the World Start Off by Making Your Bed

20 min Source: You Tube


Being able to motivate others is a significant part of leadership and it starts with being able to self-motivate.


Much emphasis is placed on motivation in leadership theory. Admiral William H. McRaven offers straightforward advice and practical strategies for motivation which he derived from his 36 years of experience as a US Navy SEAL. Many of the strategies he recommends were developed to help him pass the rigorous training to qualify as a Navy SEAL. For the Admiral, motivation starts simply with making your bed, which provides an initial achievement to underpin the rest of the day. Jordan Petersen, a famous psychologist, agrees with the General stating that by first taking care of your room allows you to move onto bigger challenges. The ADP 00.6 Ed 2 (3.47): ‘Leaders must take responsibility for shaping their circumstances and experiences into success’. Comment on which of Admiral McRaven’s motivational strategies you consider to be most useful in developing your leadership skills in a joint fighting force.