Leadership with Warrant Officer Ken Robertson OAM

50 min Source: Inner Work
PME All levels


A discussion with Warrant Officer Ken Robertson OAM on the importance and values of Leadership in the RAAF.


Join Mr Steve Barker (ex RAF - 26 years) as he speaks with Warrant Officer Ken Robertson OAM on his overall experience in today's RAAF and what makes a good leader. WOFF Robertson shares his building blocks of being humble, relevant, engaged and professional, along with his experience on how the RAAF has changed and how an "inclusive leadership and taking the best elements of a team" is so important.  With personal development being a journey, it is important for each of us to understand the pathway to ourselves. This podcast aims to discover your unique pathway and give you some strategies in how to implement this into your career. This series shares insights, hints and tips that will make your life easier and augment relationships that are more fulfilling and rewarding through areas such as leadership.