15 min Source: TEDx
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Enhance learning for long term retention and recall through personalised learning practices.


Learning styles and speeds differ between individuals however, by personalising how you engage with novel information can positively affect changes to your brain and increase retention. Brain researcher, Lara Boyd, discusses three ways the brain changes itself that helps support learning: In the short term - through the rapid transference of chemicals between neurons; in the long term - through altering the structure of the brain; and though altering the function of the brain in time and space - through the excitation of both the chemical and structural interactions. The 'level of energy' that is needed to affect any brain changes actually comes from your behaviour. Key to affecting change is getting the right 'level' for an individual (i.e. the amount of effort needed to affect change). So, when it comes to learning, be it academic information, practical skills, or attitudes, you have to figure out your 'level'.