Synopsis: Bill Gates Predicted the Pandemic

2 min Source: Vudoo
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Nuclear war is not the threat that confronts us in the future, it's highly infectious viruses.


Five years ago the visionary and philanthropist, Bill Gates, presented a TED talk on what he considered would be the biggest issue for humanity in the period 2015 - 2025.  In this edited version of his original talk he discusses in uncanny detail the very phenomena the ADF and other militaries around the world are dealing with today. He foretold the need to employ simulations and 'germ gaming' instead of war gaming. The pairing of civilian medical teams with military personnel, logistics and transport capabilities has indeed created a force multiplying effect. The recently released 2020 Defence Strategic Update recognises the move to pair Defence and industry is a fundamental input to capability - see chapter 4 on industry and innovation; and chapter 6 on reform.