TED TALK A Guide to Collaborative Leadership

14 min Source: TED Talk
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Lorna Davis believes our idolization of heroes is holding back the corporate world from achieving the best results and creating the best leaders.


What's the difference between heroes and leaders? Lorna Davis uses this Ted Talk (transcript also available) to explain that we need 'radical interdependence’—not heroes—in the corporate world. Ms Davis begins by talking about her role as the head of Griffin's Foods in the 1990s. Her motivational speech, as the new boss, achieved little. She found the answer to effective leadership was not in a 'hero' leading a team but in radical interdependence—or working collaboratively. She said a hero set a goal that could be individually delivered and measured. On the other hand, interdependent leaders start with a goal that's important but is impossible to achieve by one company or one person alone—but instead requires teamwork. Ms Davis also discusses the B Corp community (of which she is a member), a group of companies that adhere to strict social and environmental performance.