Tips for Managing Conflict at Work

14 min Source: Insight In Person: Kellogg School of Management


Insights into resolving and avoiding workplace conflict in the context of two areas of interpersonal conflict.


Conflict is common in the workplace. This podcast identifies conflict in two areas - cross-cultural and relationships. A multicultural workplace can generate conflicts based on cultural misunderstandings. A good leader/supervisor needs to be aware of culturally specific viewpoints that might lead to conflict and how to resolve them. One way of resolving such conflicts is by ensuring everybody understands how the culture of the workplace operates—even though that culture might, at times differ from one's own culture. Relationship conflict arises from identifying other people's annoying habits. However, most people do not realise how their own behaviour might annoy their work colleagues. Australia, like many counties, has an increasing multicultural population, including the ADF, so matters of mutual cultural competence and soft skills will assist in communicating effectively.