What Productive Conflict Can Offer A Workplace

6 min Source: TED


Understand conflict in the workplace is a natural occurrence and it can be used to inform better working environments.


Conflict within the workplace is one of the more important challenges a new leader might have to face. Conflict can be difficult to deal with, it often involves emotions and competing interests. According to TED Fellow Jess Kutch, one of the significant causes of conflict is when those who have power are challenged by those who don't. This type of conflict can lead to a power imbalance in the workplace. Power can move and change depending upon role and status; however, when we contest for power thoughtfully and cooperatively, it can be a productive process and can achieve positive outcomes. As a young leader try not to feel threatened by conflict, instead learn to manage it. Remember, as we transition our technology and SOPs the tempo will increase, people will feel challenged and conflict is inevitable. But constructive conflict can help to build a better and more supportive workplace.