News aggregator apps can help you quickly and efficiently select and read news items from across the web.



news aggregator can save you time and provide you with a mix of stories. Some examples are:

  • Apple News: Only works on Apple devices and platforms—enables you to filter news.
  • Google News: Works on nearly all platforms; however, you must have a Google Account—can filter news.
  • The Week: Has a good daily '10 things you need to know today'. 
  • Flipboard: It is orientated individually around bespoke topics about specific places, categories, or events.
  • Machine learning: Brings the top Japanese and American stories. 
  • News 360: The app forwards more on the same themes by monitoring the number of clicks on articles. 
  • Yahoo News: Strong on breaking news and live events.
  • NewsBreak: A US service that provides news on science, technology and the military.
  • Ground News: Provides news items from three different resources, helps the reader compare and assess bias.
  • Pocket: Works on nearly every type of device. Allows the reader to save articles, in read format, from almost every web page.