Tech leaders need to contribute to business decisions and therefore need to understand business concepts and outcomes and be able to communicate their ideas.


The Forbes expert panel agree that new tech leaders need the following 16 qualities;

  1. Agility. Adapt to business and technology changes
  2. Empathy. Understanding employees’ perspectives and priorities are different to yours.
  3. Transparency. Sharing the good and the bad is what builds trust.
  4. Accountability. Everyone is accountable.
  5. Emotional Intelligence. Understand an individual’s motivation.
  6. Active Listening. Listen, then repeat what you heard.
  7. Value Proposition. Answer 'why we are doing this' when asked.
  8. Change Management. Change is constant. Evolve.
  9. Customer Needs. Communicate how technology meets these needs.
  10. KPIs And OKRs. Understand KPIs and objectives.
  11. Input Versus Output Metrics. Align these with goals.
  12. Business Drivers And Priorities. How technology and development can impact goals.
  13. Asynchronous Communication. Precise written communication.
  14. Individual Incentives. Understand each employees ‘incentives.
  15. The ‘Art Of The Possible’. Inspire breakthrough thinking.
  16. Making A Pitch. Align conversations with your business’s interest.