The author offers three simple activities to help people enhance their ability to think critically.


In Jan of this year author and educator Christopher Dwyer wrote an article Want to Develop Your Critical Thinking in the New Year?  Dwyer, in a new article, builds on his previous article by suggesting three activities to help people develop their critical thinking skills as follows:

  • Activity 1. Identify the role each statement or proposition plays in making a claim.
  • Activity 2. Reconstruct the argument.
  • Activity 3.Further analyse the argument by asking deeper questions.

It is also worth asking yourself why is it important to develop and refine your critical thinking skills? In simple terms, it is a skill we require every day of our lives: when we speak with people, when we read newspapers, web articles or social media posts, or listen to the news or the opinions of media commentators. Dwyer asserts that:

 '…when we are given opportunities to think about our thinking, we are engaging our metacognitive processes, and that's a foundational part of critical thinking.