500,000 Americans started new business’s since COVID19 began—based on personal experience, this article provides advice on how to run a successful business.


Running a new or established business is not easy regardless of experience. However, in this article, Ben Laker makes five suggestions for running a successful business:

  1. Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint; don't make hasty decisions. Take time to consider what is best for your company in the long term. Highs and lows are normal, but it is crucial to find a middle ground that you can sustain.
  2. Provide customers with value in everything you do. Your business needs to model itself around the concept that 'the customer is always right'.
  3. Don't sweat the small stuff and use software and apps to keep abreast of the small stuff.
  4. Hire good people with diverse skill-sets, particularly people with skills and experiences that you don't possess.
  5. Question everything you do and ask yourself tough questions and take the time to stop what you are doing and think about things.