With the incidence of mental health issues increasing across the workforce, it is beholden upon us to derive more flexible and effective workplace mental health management strategies.


Mental illness in Australia is more common than people realise. According to the Black dog Institute around 20% of 16-85 ages will experience mental health problems in a 12 month period. Within your chain of command you may have personnel with mental health issues requiring special considerations to maximise their workplace effectiveness. Dianna O’Brian and Jen Fisher with their collective experience within corporate management and well-being present five simple strategies for managers to implement to reduce the stigma of mental health at work. These strategies are not to clinically treat people but to make the workplace more comfortable and accommodating. With the incidence of PTSD in particular increasingly detected within Defence, it is beholden upon us to derive more flexible mental health management strategies. Accepting and working with mental health can be seen as another strategy to harness the diversity of the workplace to contribute to capability.