This article outlines seven things you probably didn’t know you could do in Windows 10.


Personal computers (PCs) have been part of our lives for years, and most Australians own at least one. Despite the ubiquity of PCs, technical prowess varies considerably between users. Younger Australians who grew up with mobile phones and computers are often far more adept (but not always) than older Australians. The latter were not introduced to computers until well into adulthood. Despite how tech-savvy we are or aren’t, there is usually much more we can all learn. A recent article by Digital Trends titled seven things you didn’t know you could do in Windows 10 outlines just that—seven ways that Windows 10 can help make your computing life easier, faster or more interactive. They include using another laptop or tablet as a second monitor; streaming your Xbox to your PC so you can use it anywhere in your home; or copying something from your Android phone to your PC.