Toxic positivity assumes that a positive mindset is the only mindset you should have, which is not healthy for you.


Leadership consultant Gustavo Razzetti tells us there's nothing wrong with being optimistic. The problem, however, is when we are forced to appear positive all day and bottle up our real emotions to look happy. That pressure invalidates your genuine emotions and forces you to censor them. The author's key points:

Toxic positivity is the 'faulty' belief that people should only feel 'good' emotions and that a positive attitude will solve your problems.

Toxic positivity can harm motivation and self-confidence.

The pressure to stay positive can invalidate one's feelings and lead to guilt and shame.

Overcoming toxic positivity involves learning to regulate your emotions.

Emotional suppression can lead to unhappiness, sadness, and depression. 

Seeing emotions as mutually exclusive is unhealthy. We all experience various emotions throughout the day. Overcoming toxic positivity requires learning how to regulate our emotions rather than suppressing them.


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