This article outlines three critical-thinking skills the author says are vital to helping us better navigate this content-driven, online age.


Author and business consultant Marcus Buckingham says that trust is vital in navigating our complex, data-filled world. However, Buckingham says a study by the ADP Research Institute shows that trust is at its lowest in recent memory. Buckingham refers to trust as ‘our most precious possession’ and says in a world where content marketing is on the rise; three skills are necessary to help you decide whether to trust that source:

  1. Protect Yourself from WORTs (things that deliberately blur the line between truth and fiction).
  2. Trust Only Error-Free Data.
  3. Learn How to Spot Real Expertise.

Buckingham explains why critical thinking is so vital in this content-driven age and says while we can’t stop the flood of content, we can learn how to filter it:

‘We can dismiss worts, put our faith in error-free data, trust only true expertise, and let all the rest flow right on by.’