Designed by the British in 1945, the Canberra Bomber was pitted against the world's best and outperformed them all.


This article makes the following points:
  • After World War 2, the RAF needed a fast, reliable aircraft with a significant ordinance capacity. 
  • It took four years from design to Canberra's maiden flight in May 1949.
  • It was fast, agile, and could climb so high that a fighter could not reach it.
  • The Canberra completed international flights in times and over ranges unheard of at the time. 
  • By the start of the Korean War, the U.S. needed a new bomber. 
  • The USAF gathered American jet bomber prototypes and foreign aircraft to determine superiority. 
  • The best option was the U.K.'s Canberra.
  • The USA built the Canberra—under U.K. licence by the 
  • Glen L.Martin company—a U.S. company—were licensed by the U.K. to make the Canberra.
  • The Canberra was vital in the Vietnam War, completing thousands of missions.  
  • Numerous other nations used the Canberra as their front-line bomber. 
  • Since it entered RAF service, it has served in many U.K. military engagements.
  • The Canberra is among the longest-lasting and most successful bombers ever built.