Senior members of Canada’s military have been investigated over serious allegations of violence and sexual misconduct.


The Canadian defence chief stood alongside the nation’s defence minister and deputy defence minister, as the three offered an apology that many say was well overdue. On Monday, 13 December, the trio formally apologised to victims who suffered sexual misconduct while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Key points:

Defence Minister Anita Anand, General Wayne Eyre and Deputy Defence Minister Jody Thomas each offered unreserved apologies to all those who experienced sexual harassment and violence while serving in Canada's military.

The apology comes nearly six years after a government report found Canada's military was hostile to women and LGBTQ members.

For almost a year, the Canadian military has been engulfed in crisis as a steady stream of senior officials were removed from active service over accusations of sexual misconduct.

To date, 11 military leaders (current and former) have been removed, investigated or forced to retire in relation to the scandal.

Former Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance, faced two allegations of sexual misconduct following an alleged relationship with a former subordinate, Major Kellie Brennan.

General Vance is alleged to have fathered two of Major Brennan’s children.

Gen Vance was replaced by Admiral Art McDonald, who abruptly stepped down from the position after Canadian news outlets received tips he was being investigated over a sexual misconduct allegation as well.

Ms Anand said countless lives had been harmed because of inaction and systemic failure.

The apology that was delivered on 13 December was promised as part of a 2019 C$900m class-action settlement approved by the Federal Court. Almost 19,000 claims were submitted as part of the class-action, with more than 40% of the claims submitted by men.



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