Australia needs to generate more energy from renewables, not just to reduce global warming but also to improve our security and protect our economy.


The oil refinery at Kwinana WA is closing, leaving just three refineries in Australia, which is likely to increase our dependence on imports. The author argues renewables are in the national interest. They provide high-tech jobs, consistent with the 2020 Defence Strategic Update, and reduce reliance on imported energy. The link between climate action and energy security needs to be articulated. China promotes domestic renewable-energy to maintain economic development and security see: China's energy transition outlookJapan and South Korea also have national hydrogen strategies to improve self-reliance. Given Australia's climate, renewables make sense especially regarding solar and wind-generated energy. There may also be technological spin-offs for Defence. Australia could learn from China where industry, government and academia are integrated. To achieve this, we might need to broaden our economic base and support Australia's Technology Roadmap. How do you think Defence could further utilise renewables?