The free world has come together to show China that the digital playing field isn’t all tilted in Beijing’s favour.


More than 30 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia have joined together to condemn China's sponsorship of cybercriminals. The director of ASPI, Michael Shoebridge, argues that Chinese state actions are damaging and flagrant—and we should consider doing the following: 

Start by realising that this is not just a case of Chinese authorities tolerating cybercriminals operating inside China.

Every Australian company needs to be aware of the implications of China's damaging behaviour.

Governments and companies need to tighten their cybersecurity.

More targeted indictments and asset freezes on Chinese officials.

Demonstrate to the Chinese Government its vulnerabilities.

Shoebridge says there can be no return to a trusting 'win–win' relationship with Beijing at the same time as Australia is being spied on and robbed by Chinese sponsored hackers.


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