IBM Research is spearheading server-less computing architecture, with the intent of turning 'The Cloud' into the world's biggest computer.


The cloud is a massive public and private data centre network with zettabytes of computing power and storage. 

Priya Nagpurkar, director of the hybrid cloud platform for IBM Research, explained how IBM is on track to make the world's cloud resources easy to use as a single computer. This article makes the following points:

Serverless computing will make this possible by opening access without backend provisioning and security management. 

Today, there are too many obstacles, such as security, compliance, resiliency, scalability, and cost-efficiency. 

Cyberspace is very complex, and that is why server-less online technology is needed. 

Currently, if you do a simple task on the cloud, the data could be coming from anywhere.

Developers are currently generating data.

In the server-less cyber environment, you only need issue one command, and the server-less platform does the rest. 

IBM supports a server-less capability with Red Hat OpenShift that uses  Linux containers and Kubernetes, both open-source technologies. 



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