The US Navy intends to use a Zumwalt Class Destroyer, the USS Michael Mansoor to provide command and control for a number of remotely controlled ships and drones.



The USS Michael Mansoor * is a stealth destroyer with the radar signature of a small fishing boat. Worth noting that the USN experimented with a low-profile steam-powered ship, the USS Monitor (ironclad), during the US Civil War. The USS Michael Mansoor is being used to test the interface between crewed and uncrewed ships and aircraft. The Zumwalt Class vessel can be used as follows:

  • Stealthy surveillance with the ability to strike at the right time.
  • To control a variety of remotely crewed drones and ships.

The US is developing other weapon systems that could be controlled by the USS Michael Mansoor as follows:

The Zumwalt class were initially designed to bombard coastlines. However, the USN is considering increasing the ship's capability by arming it with hypersonic weapons.

*Named after Navy SEAL Michael Mansoor, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honour for saving the lives of three other SEALS.