Under representation by Air Force Field Grade Officers leads to an imbalance at the senior joint leadership level. Re-balance occurs through improving Air Force education and career structures.


There is no argument as to the impact that air power has on operations however, Lt Col Daniel L. Magruder Jr. highlights that the US Air Force is disproportionately represented at the joint leadership level, especially the Field Grade Officer (FGO). The scarcity of FGO opportunities ultimately affects the pool for selection into joint senior leaders.Consider if the ADF have a similar disproportionate representation in its joint leadership roles? Magruder attributes a lack of FGO joint leaders to the technical and tactical culture of the Air Force with limited understanding of strategic contexts, structural limitations from gaining broad leadership experience, and a symptom of a bias for action over reflection. Magruder proposes that changes to the formal education system and officer career structures may open opportunities. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the individual to develop strategic and analytical skills. Comment on if you think the Air Force has adequate technical and tactical culture, understanding of the strategic contexts and adequate opportunities to gain broad leadership experience. If think there isn't the opportunities comment on how you can be proactive in gaining the prerequisite experience and skills for joint leadership roles.