Many younger people are limiting their social media engagement, mainly because they think the platforms are boring and a waste of time.


Social media platforms have come to dominate the way younger people in modern society communicate. Data from the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes showed this is changing. More than half of the survey concentrated on the 41-55 and 6-24 age cohorts. It found that people with higher education indicated that they had limited their social media use because they found it boring and a waste of time. According to University of Wollongong Associate Professor, Roger Patulny these findings indicated that people have more control over their social media than was previously thought. In a recent dispute with the Australian government, Facebook prevented Australian users from seeing news links. Facebook quickly reversed this ban as it rapidly became apparent that they were alienating their Australian users. Given Facebook's behaviour and that many young people find it boring, Australian organisations—defence included—might be rethinking how they use Facebook as part of their communication strategy.