Cyber-security is just as important when using our smartphones as when working online.


Security is ‘only as good as the weakest link’, a rule that applies to cyber-security. This article identifies five critical rules to follow regarding digital security:

  1. Use strong passwords, at least eight characters, different ones for different sites. A password manager automatically generates long, complex passwords for accounts with one master password.

  2. Use multi-factor (two-step) authentication (as used by banks) where a phone code is used and a login and password—you can generally add this feature to most online accounts.

  3. Don’t overshare. Smartphone cameras can automatically capture our location, but this feature could compromise security. Ensure the photo location feature is off by default.

  4. Don’t share data about friends. Sharing your address book may compromise others. If you are interested to see if your friends are using a service, ask them. 

  5. Stay sceptical

Worth thinking about the consequences of not following these rules.