Successful leaders need to utilise a range of different leadership styles to lead effectively in the Covid disrupted world.


COVID-19 has accelerated processes already underway as many routine ‘office’ tasks can now be done virtually. But some tasks are better done in the real-world* (face-to-face), e.g.:

  • collective learning,

  • innovation, 

  • building a shared culture 

Leaders and managers now require skill sets to work in both the virtual and real-world environment, as follows:

  • For virtual coordination:  

    • establishing goals,

    • monitoring progress, 

    • driving information sharing, 

    • keeping colleagues connected.

  • For real-world collaboration:

    • fostering deep learning, 

    • driving innovation, 

    • developing team culture and dedication.

The author describes four different ways of leading depending on the situation.

  • For virtual interaction 

    • The Conductor. Avoids micromanaging, cares and engages.

  • For real-world interaction

    • The Catalyst. Builds trust and creates a shared culture and fosters dedication. 

  • For both virtual and real-world interaction

    • The Coach. Uses EI to support well-being and professional development. 

    • The Champion. Advocates externally for their teams. 

Consider whether multimodal leadership can work in the ADF.


*the existing state of things, as opposed to one that is imaginary, simulated, or theoretical (Oxford languages)