Being wrong is an unavoidable aspect of the human condition. Admitting you’re wrong, however, isn’t a failure—it could be an opportunity.


This article by Allie Volpe, writing for Vox, makes the following points:
  • As social beings, we’re constantly looking for acceptance within groups.
  • Being wrong about something opens us up to criticism from members of those groups.
  • Accepting we’re capable of being wrong and moving on from those blunders can provide solace.
  • The psychological theory of cognitive dissonance prevents us from realizing our wrongness.
  • Cognitive dissonance is when two beliefs or behaviours conflict or a person’s actions contradict their beliefs.
  • The irony about admitting we’re wrong is that it can improve our reputation.
  •  By owning up to our errors, others see us as friendlier and more agreeable.


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