Even good bosses have room for improvement, and keeping a check on yourself is a good way to do that.


We probably remember our good bosses, but we definitely remember the bad ones. Of course, nobody plans to become a bad boss, but our personalities, experiences and current life situations often determine what sort of leader we become. So, just as your car needs a check-up, it doesn’t hurt to have your communication and leadership check-up. Here are a few things to consider:

Ensure your team knows the deliverables. Survey after survey shows leaders think their teams understand organizational goals and initiatives—yet team members often say they don’t.

Guide with strategic questions. A manager should lead a group or individuals to rethink a bad decision or proposal without necessarily personalizing the issues.

Dislodge log-jamming directives. Understandably, leaders hope their work will be innovative, pleasant, and profitable. But all too often, new leaders start with directives or statements that set their team up for disappointment rather than the intended productivity boost. 

Become a coach, not a critic. As opposed to critics, coaches help team members identify their strengths. Importantly, too, coaches provide clear feedback, offer encouragement, build confidence and celebrate wins.

Bosses get better by design. However, even good bosses need to re-visit their checklists to ensure they stay on track for organizational success and employee happiness.


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