Most organisations will at some time experience a crisis—coaching can help an organisation learn from a crisis and emerge more robust and with even more loyalty from customers, employees, and the community.


Most leaders are aware of the uncertainty of all facets of our lives and the complex challenge it presents, especially when leading in crisis. Traditionally, effective crisis management would involve:

Jeremy Gutsche suggests that a crisis can provide the following:

  •  An opportunity to innovate, 
  • Correcting the course of the company.
  • Learning from the experience.

To provide leadership in a time of crisis requires:

  •  Resilience.
  • Communication.
  • Competency.
  • Staying calm.
  • Empathy.

professional coach can provoke thought and support leaders to develop the skills needed to anticipate and deal with a crisis. Coaches can guide towards creating the following:

  • Developing clear goals.
  • Steps needed to achieve goals.
  • Positive outcomes.

Coaches can help leaders to:

  • Predict what’s coming.
  • Prepare for change.

Investing in coaching is almost indispensable for effective crisis management, now and in the future.