Many of us can be more productive while using our computer for work, leisure, or social activities, and by using applications as hobbies to sharpen our technical skills.


The use of the computer is increasingly part of our work life, leisure activities and social fabric. But, according to Sadaf Tanzeem, most of us spend unproductive time while on the computer, which could be used to pursue a computer hobby to sharpen our skills and keep us technically up to date. Recommended applications are:

  • Website design. This highly sought after skill can be acquired by completed an inexpensive online course.
  • Blogging. By choosing a niche, creating a website and writing content, you can have fun and make some money.
  • 3D Modelling. Purchase a 3D program and learn how to use it. 
  • Online gaming. It helps you to stay connected and also develop multi-tasking skills.
  • Digital editing. Enhance your photo’s while at the same time learning new digital editing skills.
  • Programming. Learn the basics by completing free or inexpensive online courses.

These applications/hobbies can help you develop skills that could make you more productive, working for somebody or freelancing.