Managers must lead by example in values-based organisations: Be proactive in identifying, addressing and developing strategies to avoid the collateral damage of toxic behaviours.


Have you ever had someone in your Section or Unit who is toxic? We know when someone is toxic, they do not align to the culture and values of your organisation and sometimes actively try to sabotage your unit processes, decisions and activities. Journalist John Hilton gives practical strategies derived from HR experts, Employment Hero, on how to deal with the toxic employee. Overall, the Manager must be proactive in dealing with the toxic employee to treat the damage and stamp out reoccurrence. The key strategy is to clearly identify and record the behaviour, and to communicate to the employee the 'what/why/how' their behaviour is toxic and to develop a program to remediate the behaviour. There is some great work done by Patrick Lencioni on dysfunctional teams. Leaders at all levels need to be vigilant in protecting the health of their teams, the mission depends on it.