Our contribution to a meeting is important, but it is also just as important to let others speak.


You're in a meeting, the speaker asks a question, and no one answers. Some participants offer some suggestions but things are going nowhere. You might be the lowest rank in the room and you may find yourself involuntarily questioning whether you should ask that question and if you do will you look foolish. This is the moment that you show courage and speak up in a meeting you've been invited to or where you have information that could value-add. But how do you know if your information is going to value-add? On the other hand, are you rambling on unnecessarily and holding others up? Is your conversation best left for a one-on-one discussion? Founder of Global Public Speaking, Allison Shapira, has some fast and practical tips to help you assess these questions. Learning how to speak up in a meeting and when to hold back can be an effective way to raise your credibility.