Password managers are a simple and effective way to make online accounts more secure.


In this article, technology writer Calvin Wankhede discusses the value of password managers—an app or browser extension that generates a unique and complex password for your online accounts. Your credentials are then stored in a ‘vault’ and are accessed through a single master password. According to Wankhede, multiple surveys have shown the average Internet user has between 50 and 200 online accounts; and that at least one of these has been compromised or breached. Thus, password managers claim to safeguard our accounts and improve online security. The main points of Wankhede’s article are:

  • Password managers are usually extremely secure.
  • Password managers input your credentials for you, saving you from password-stealing viruses that eavesdrop on your keystrokes.

Enable two-factor authentication. This adds another hurdle for malicious actors to cross before gaining access to your account.