The Global Institute for Women's Leadership at the Australian National University aims to help more women achieve leadership roles.


The Global Institute for Women's Leadership (GIWL) is an initiative of former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. GIWL is London based. However,  it is establishing an Asia-Pacific node at the Australian National University (ANU). GIWL aims to create a world where gender is not a factor or a barrier to becoming a leader in any field. The ANU node will be headed by Professor Michelle Ryan (herself an Australian) who is currently a Professor at Exeter University. Professor Ryan (together with Alexander Haslam) coined the term the 'glass cliff', which refers to women achieving leadership roles during times of crisis—when the chances of failure are high, see: Why struggling companies promote women: the glass cliff, explained. GIWL ANU focuses on research, practice and advocacy bringing together:

  • academics 
  • policymakers
  • activists
  • gender-friendly businesses 

Consider how GIWL research might assist those women in the ADF who seek to fill senior leadership positions.