This article claims that most businesses embrace a digital future; those businesses who don’t will struggle—unless they change and also adopt a digital future.


Encouraging leaders to think of the transformation to digital as something more than just another business challenge is just the start. A total culture shift is needed to produce a genuine transformation. To help executives engage with this new reality, this article makes four recommendations:
  1. Name What Is At Stake. Knowing which aspects of identity are at risk in a certain situation is the first step in getting to a place where identity threats no longer undercut your effectiveness.
  2. Evolve Your Identity. Embracing the concept of an evolved identity makes an individual more robust and resilient. 
  3. Acknowledge and Solve for Interests. Feeling paralysed by such a profound change is understandable, but leaders need to break down strongly-held positions to understand the interests underlying them.
Finally become a learner noting that everyone needs to accept a digital future.