Scientists have taught Artificial Intelligence to engage in deep learning in the same way that human babies learn.


This article by Monisha Ravisetti, writing for CNET, makes the following points:
  • Human intuition has up to now denoted a barrier between humans and artificial intelligence (AI). 
  • It's why we have gut feelings and reactions that appoear to be unexplainable in logical terms.
  • Intuitive thinking would appear to be almost impossible to replicate in an AI.
  •  Researchers have developed an AI that can learn intuitively.
  • This AI can learn 'intuitive physics'—a common sense understanding of the physical laws that govern how the universe works.
  • It has been named Physics Learning Through Auto-encoding and Tracking Objects (PLATO).
  • The scientists say they are addressing the gap between humans and machines by drawing on the field of developmental psychology.


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