Innovative thinking has transformed Microsoft’s ‘Hololens’ virtual reality headsets, designed for the gaming/entertainment industry, into a potential capability force multiplier for the US Army.


Microsoft has secured a massive $29b contract with the US Army to supply Hololens Headsets. These headsets represent innovative thinking by taking a gaming/entertainment device and adapting it to military operational scenarios. These systems are reported to help troops gain an advantage in the battlespaceWorth noting that the battlespace is becoming increasingly urban, congested, dark and unpredictable. These headsets could be used for both training and in actual battle. Headsets integrate thermal night vision and facial recognition to provide soldiers with 'real-time analytics' during operations. One operational application is training troops for a hostage rescue by creating a 'digital twin' of the  building or area in which the hostage is held. The USAF already uses Integrated Visual Augmentation Systems in the F-35 JSF. Think about how the ADF could use virtual reality headsets.