The ability to develop an on-line service in one of the world’s most geographic disparate regions is a testament to local skill, creativity and tenacity; and gives the rest of the world lessons in managing a logistics supply chain.


Tiare Tuuhia reports on unique developments and challenges for online shopping in French Polynesia :
  • E-commerce is logistically challenging for Pacific Islands with huge distances, a scattered population, and poor internet access.
  • E-commerce giants like, and Alibaba, don't service geographically disparate regions,.
  • Small, local e-commerce couriers using Facebook are filling the logistics gap.
  • Facebook is the leading e-commerce platform in French Polynesia, with 74% of the population on the platform and half of those using it daily for more than an hour.
  • During COVID-19, the courier business exploded because the people didn't want to leave their houses.
  • Making e-commerce work on the islands is challenging due to the lack of transport, leading to high costs and delays.
  • E-commerce in the Pacific is a poignant example of how small-scale local solutions meet people's supply needs when big companies fail to provide a service.


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