The trend for people to transition to low carbon careers could have recruitment and retention implications for high carbon emitting organisations like the ADF.


This article profiles a former Red Arrows  and commercial pilot (UK) whom due to a conscience about the aviation sector’s carbon emission  and contribution to climate change, switched to a lesser paid climate change activist  career.   This profile is symptomatic of a broader awareness and movement towards low-carbon careers .

Some of the reasons for this change include:

  • The need to to tackle the biggest existential threat to humanity
  • Taking action was cathartic and eased anxiety.
  • Being part of UK's big energy strategy
  • More confidence about work within in an area they believed in.
  • Green jobs create jobs.

To accelerate low carbon employment, the UK Government’s Ten Point Plan for the Green Industrial Revolution  is designed to  create an additional 250 000 jobs. As people’s career aspirations switch to low carbon, Defence may need to re-evaluate how to competitively attract and retain the best possible candidates.

However, when reading this article it is worth considering counter ideas that the Green Industrial Revolution is defined more by rhetoric than results:


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