COVID 19 has made working from home commonplace; therefore, you must get the right set-up for your home office.


This article notes that working from home has benefits as follows:

But it has pitfalls if you don’t set some rules; note the following:

  • Set up a room in the home as a dedicated office.
  • Let everybody at home know that this is your working space, and they should try to avoid interrupting you when you are at work.
  • Dress as if you were going to the office.
  • Create a working routine and stick to it.
  • Have group chats with colleagues. 
  • Follow set KPIs.
  • Identify what’s effective in your work office and apply in your home office.
  • Be aware of your background on video calls.
  • Take regular breaks
  • Don’t stay in the office all the time. 
  • Avoid having a TV or distractions in the office.
  • Don’t be ashamed if working from home is not for you

Remember that what works for one person may not work for another.