This article argues that some technology companies view the military negatively and are reluctant to bid on military contracts due to some of the previous trump government's policies—this attitude needs to change.


Some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley aren't willing to work for the  Department of Defense (DoD) because: 

They don't want to be perceived as engaging in the business of war.

They do not believe it is consistent with their mission of helping the world.

Partnerships between technology companies and the military are nothing new and have resulted in new technologies, such as microwave radar, GPS and ARPANET-INTERNET, being adapted to civilian use. An excellent example of military/tech company collaboration is that between Microsoft and the US Military: 

            Microsoft wins contract to make modified HoloLens for U.S. Army (

Recent research shows that anti-military views are not universal among the tech workforce.

A survey found that less than a quarter of AI professionals view military contracts negatively, and 78% consider such contracts as a positive or are neutral on this issue.

Companies should consider that the DoD has:

More than half a trillion-dollar annual budget.

Approximately 1.3 million active contracts. 

A workforce of 2.8 million.



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