A SpaceX initiative, ‘Starlink Constellation’, plans to provide satellite internet access across the entire planet; however, the company’s plans have been set back thanks to a space storm.


This article by Mike Brown, writing for Inverse, makes the following points:
  • SpaceX announced on 8 February that up to 40 of the 49 satellites in its most recent launch wouldn’t make their final destination.
  • Instead of reaching low-Earth orbit, as planned, the satellites will re-enter the atmosphere and burn up.
  • According to SpaceX, the satellites got mixed up in a geomagnetic storm. The resulting atmospheric drag pulled the satellites back to Earth.
  • It’s a disappointing setback for SpaceX, which plans to build a mega-constellation in low-Earth orbit, using up to 42,000 satellites.
  • There are currently about 1900 Starlink satellites in orbit, with Spacex launching more than 2000 satellites in total.



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