Elon Musk’s Aerospace company SpaceX has safely returned to earth space capsule ‘Resilience’ with four Astronauts aboard after a 167-day mission to the International Space Station. (ISS).


After the longest-ever mission for a crew capsule launched from the US, the four astronauts aboard completed the 61/2 hour flight back to Earth, splashing down off the Florida Coast in darkness due to high offshore winds forcing the cancellation of two previous daytime attempts. The capsule recovery was fast and smooth, taking less than 30 minutes. The Coast Guard was on hand to enforce a large exclusion zone to prevent leisure craft from swarming the capsule. SpaceX's launch in October is their next venture into space.  A Tech billionaire has purchased the entire three-day flight. He and three other astronauts will orbit 75 miles above the ISS. SpaceX has been servicing the ISS since 2012, taking over from NASA's shuttle fleet that was retired in 2011. Now that SpaceX can transport crew, NASA no longer has to rely on Russia to ferry astronauts to the ISS.