The considerable increase in people working from home (WFH) has led to an increase in zoom meetings—but how can you make a zoom meeting more effective and interesting.


To advance your career, you need a strategy. One idea is to make changes to things with high visibility to those you want to impress. With that in mind, consider the Zoom meeting? Online meetings can powerfully connect you with people who matter. So, perhaps it’s time to beef up your ‘meetings muscle’ with these three tips:

Start with a sizzle. How you kick off a virtual meeting sets the tone for the entire session. If your kick-off seems like a repeat of the previous meeting, your participants will tune out very quickly. Instead, set the tone by making your first few minutes stand out. You could use a short video, a story, a joke—whatever makes sense for the situation. 

Add music. Music is a great way to create a specific feeling for your meeting. Having music playing in the background when people join will establish a mood while signalling that something’s different about this meeting. However, ensure to test drive the audio features of your video-conference software beforehand.

Spur participation. The best way to focus your meeting attendees on your event is to involve them. Do this with polls or break the group into small cohorts to discuss a topic and report back. 

It might be time to take your meetings up a notch. The list above is not exhaustive, of course, so there are plenty of ideas out there ready to use. Master meetings 101 and then up your game to let your brand shine.


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