Leaders do not only have to inspire change they have to manage the process by which change is achieved.


In today’s organisation, leadership and management are fully integrated. Leadership is an aspect of management and can be called different things:

  • In education, it is teaching.
  • In a family, it is parenting,
  • In politics, it is campaigning.
  • In organisations, it is innovation.

Leaders need to use various tools to achieve organisational goals as follows:

  • Inspirational tools:  particularly storytelling, can inspire people, but they must be true, positive and minimalist to spark new ideas in the minds of the listeners.
  • Information Tools: spreadsheets etc. are vital in ensuring progress is measured against agreed metrics.
  • Power Tools: Forcing people to change whether they want to or not should be used with caution but, sometimes power tools are the only option.

Denning concludes that for leadership to succeed in 21st-century organisational management, all three tools will need to be used. Do you think that this also applies to a military organisation?