This article describes technology that should transform our lives in many different ways.


This article proposes that technology's continued rapid advancement will change our lives irrevocably, possibly as soon as the next decade.

Examples of potential Disruptive Technologies are:

Exoskeletons—the external skeleton to support any disabled body part for unrestricted movement. The mix of AI and robotics are about to assist elderly or disabled persons in regular tasks.

5G Connections provide speed, low latency and increased bandwidth, transforming the productivity rate of industries.

Smart Cities are integrating geospatial systems combining real-time data with digital transformation to improve economic growth. 

Robots. Constant advancements in AI and robotics are combining to make work more efficient for humans.

High-rise Farms with Lab-grown Meat. Cutting-edge technology has started growing crops hydroponically under LED lights. There is also an aim to grow lab-grown meat.

Hyper-fast Trains with a speed of 760 mph through magnetic levitation aims to avoid traffic congestion. 

Disruptive technologies should dramatically change our current world for—hopefully—a better world.


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