The British army is acquiring nano drones that should provide security forces with real-time data from the immediate operational area.


The British army has recently purchased 30 nano bug drones weighing 196 g which is about the same as an iPhone. These nano-drones have a 2-km operational radius. They can operate in winds of up to 80 kph and have a battery life of 40 minutes. The increasing capability of smaller drones is likely to mean that drone use by the military, police, immigration, and customs officers will increase. At this stage, smaller drones are only expected to provide a sketchy overview, which might give security forces a false sense of security. The British are also funding research into remote-controlled fighting vehicles and self-driving logistics support vehicles. By the 2030s thirty thousand robot soldiers could also form an integral part of the British army. Australian mining companies are experts in remotely controlled logistics systems which mighty benefit the ADF. Consider what sort of guidelines might be required to ensure the responsible use of military drones?