An innovative high-tech ‘stern landing amphibious vessel’ designed in Australia is one of several designs being considered for use by the US Navy and US Marine Corps.


Defending critical maritime terrain is a core role for the US Marine Corps. The Corps wants to move away from substantial 45,000-tonne landing ships (our HMAS Adelaide is 27,500 tonnes) to smaller vessels displacing from 1,000 to 8,000 tons. Sea Transport Solutions’ designed stern landing vessel has several advantages over conventional designs as follows:
  • They are relatively inexpensive.
  • Australia’s mining industry extensively uses stern vessels. 
  • Improved sea-keeping and visibility. 
  • Able to operate in a fleet or individually. 
  • Facilitates dispersing and moving marine littoral regiments over a large area.
  • Small landed combat units can fire cruise missiles, forward refuel, rearm aircraft, undertake coastal surveillance, provide radar early warning and/or air defence.
The US Navy is evaluating designs and is fast-tracking a decision. The sharing of technology between Australia in the US is consistent with the Quad Tech Network. Consider the benefits to the ADF of the US acquiring an Australian designed maritime platform.